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Becoming a Pro Gamer: Which games pay the most $$$?

You know what day it is, right?  Oh yeah, it’s Gamer Tuesday!  Anyone who reads Geek To Me this day gets the lowdown on gaming straight from the folks of vVv Gaming.  They’ve given us the skinny on how to find a place to compete; why you should never change your gamer tag; and even what kind of gaming was better, PC or console.  Now we’re going to get some insight on which games you should play and which ones pay!:

What Game Should I Play? By Jerry “LordJerith” Prochazka

One of the most common questions that I get asked is, “What game do you think I should play?” My answer is usually simple, “You have to play the games that you enjoy.” I have realized that most players don’t like to play games that they are bad at or lose at, so I often feel the advice is safe. However, if you want to compete to win, and are willing put the time in to learn a game regardless of fun, then the next factor that might drive your interest is the total amount of money that you can win. In tougher economic times, I suppose many of us do have to consider what return we could potentially receive when going down this path. Understand I can’t mention every single title that has some prize money attached to it. But I’ll hit some of the major titles with larger prizes.

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For those of you who prefer single player games on the console, the clear option is Madden NFL 10 on the PlayStation 3. The first place finisher just won $50,000 in the EA Sports Challenge. As another option, once a year, all the top fighting game players gather at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for the EVO Championship series to compete for several thousand dollars in various fighting games on both the PS3 and Wii.

Simple, No.jpg

Simple, no?

If, however, you’re interested in competing with a team, then the console game here, without question, is Halo 3 on the Xbox 360. The first place team on this title just won $100,000 at Major League Gaming’s National Finals. Of course, it is also the toughest game to break into. The top professional players have years of competitive experience under their belt. But if you want to go for the game with the most money, Halo 3 on the console is clearly the king.

No Americans here!.jpg

“No Americans here!”

For those of you who prefer mouse and keyboard, the answer is a little bit more complicated. North America lags behind Europe and Asia when it comes to having great tournaments. Even Europe is losing some ground, as many top European Warcraft and Starcraft players now play for Asian teams. However, a safe bet for a North American player would be Counter-Strike 1.6, as the gold medal winners at the World Cyber Games competition walked away with $36,000. Counter-Strike: Source is also not a bad choice, as it has international appeal as well.

One platform for gaming that most gamers might not consider is the mobile platform. That’s right, the games you play on your cell phone. In 2009, the World Cyber Games had two mobile titles: the racing game Asphalt 4 (which was also featured in 2008), and the puzzle game Wise Star 2. Each of these games yielded $6,000 to the player taking first place. Don’t be surprised if over the next several years the mobile platform gains some traction.

It is also important to pay attention when new games are released. For example, Gamestop hosted an international Modern Warfare 2 tournament for the Xbox 360, with a top prize of $10,000. And if you’re really smart and really have the time, 2K Sports is offering $1,000,000 (that’s right, ONE MILLION DOLLARS!) for a perfect pitched game on the title Major League Baseball 2K10.

Hopefully, I’ve pointed you to some of the major titles that have good cash prizes attached. Make no mistake, however, no matter what you choose, you must have the passion and the dedication if you want to ever be at that number one spot.

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