On Tuesday, MBC Founder and Chairman Waleed Al-Ibrahim announced the establishment of an editorial board and appointed Al-Khatib as GM for both channels
Then Khatib was appointed head of the Syrian Commission in 2006, which was in charge of investigating the assassination of Lebanese prime minister Moubayed, Sami 25—31 December 2003

نبيل الخطيب: مهمتنا في قناة إعادة تعريف الأخبار

Career [ ] Khatib became a member of the central committee of the Baath Party in 2000.

Known for his journalistic integrity while covering the delicate Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Al-Khatib carries with him a wealth of experience in the field of broadcast journalism
من هو نبيل الخطيب خليفة تركي الدخيل في قناة العربية ؟
Coupled with an academic record in teaching and training both students and professionals in journalism, mass media and communication, Al-Khatib is the co-founder and served as director of Birzeit University Media Institute and chairman of the department of mass communications, as well as being a media consultant for several international nongovernmental organizations
د. نبيل الخطيب مديرا عاماً لـقناة الشرق
He served as justice minister from 2000 to 2003
Nabeel Al-Khatib is a Palestinian broadcast journalist, media entrepreneur, professor and the newly appointed general manager of Al Arabiya and Al Hadath His term lasted until 2003
In a 2001 reshuffle, he retained his post In April 2009, president Bashar Assad named Khatib as chairman of the central commission of inspection


He continued to serve as justice minister after the first cabinet reshuffle by when he became the president of.

د. نبيل الخطيب مديرا عاماً لـقناة الشرق
He was first appointed justice minister by then president to headed by in March 2000
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